Best graphic Card?

Whats the best graphic card for use with OpenGL under Linux - I’m talking about best driver support preferably under GPL and in price range of about
(ZA) R500 - R1000? (I think thats about (US)$85 - $150)

If you want free drivers the fastest cards are Radeons up to the 9250 and the newest Intel integrated graphics cards. The free drivers are of excellent quality, speed and support lots of features, but only these older cards are supported.

Nvidia provides stable and performant linux drivers which are only a few weeks behind the windows drivers in features. They are nonfree though.

For the Radeon from 9500 to the newest ATI cards there is a reverse-enginnering project which is going well and probably will provide useful drivers in a few month.

The nonfree ATI drivers are rather instable and a lot behind the windows drivers in features.

I also vote for nvidia. Installation is totally effortless and newbie-proof. For ATi, a lot of tweaking is necessary and even for skilled people it takes a while to get acceleration.

I have always been an nvidia fan. 2 years ago, I’ve had an awful time dealing with ati drivers for linux. so I’ve always relied on nvidia. funny, because a friend of mine mentioned that recent drivers for ati are actually decent. it’s sad that it took this long.

so, in short, my vote is with nvidia.


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