Best entry-level graphics card

What would be a good, cheap buy for opengl/directx support? Does anyone know about the TNT2 Vanta (8MB, $38)?

TnT2 (Vanta or Ultra or plain TnT2) is a really nice card, and its cheap too. They are more than enough to play games with at acceptable speed and quality. Even the older TnT is good, but a tad hard to get nowadays.

So go for a TnT2, either plain or Vanta or Ultra, if you don’t want to spend that much money.

Cosidering what the newest cards cost these days, anything less than $150, is cheap. Fortunately, The new GeForce MX cards are under $150. Less power draw, and some of the features/performance, of more pricy GTS2. In looking at some of the games in development/production for next year, you will be glad you went to the MX. The performance is at/close to GeForce 256. Dual monitor support, and great DVD too. I believe it will also support HDTV converter, if you are so inclined. Have a good one.