Bernouli's Leminscate


I’ve started learining openGL recently and currently I’m experimenting with curves.

This is my conclusion might be wrong but lets see, if I have parametric equation of an arbitary curve doesnt matter which curve it is i can draw it in openGL with calculating x,y coordinates for some angle theta [x,y].

For example if circle is described with equation:

I can draw it looping from 0…360 and calculating x,y and drawing it on the screen using GL_LINE_LOOP

The question is, I want to draw Bernouli’s Leminscate and I have the parametric equation it doesnt seem to be as easy as it was with circle first i dont know the parameter t(theta) i tried drawing it with circle method but it draw a function similar to e^x nothing like Leminscate

How am i supposed to do this.

What’s the circle method? What equation are you using?

When drawing parametric curves in OpenGL, you need to control two metrics. First, the input parameter (theta, t, whatever), goes from zero to the length of the parameterization. Second, you need to make sure you use the proper step size to effectively capture the shape.

Can you post some code?