Beginning OpenGLSL

Ok i have a question.
If i want to use an extension, i have to check if my graphicscard does support this extension then i need functionpointers to use the new functions. My question is:
Do i need to have functionpointers for every new funtion which is provided by OpenGLSL. There are so many new functions i cannot believe that this is the only way to use OpenGLSL. Which files do i have to include??? I am a newbie to OpenGLSL and i try to get started using OpenGLSL. Please help me. Thanks.

You will need a function pointer for every function you are going to use.
Here you can find a tutorial of how to use extensions:

Here are some tutorials for GLSL:

And which are the functions i have to have a pointer to in order to use OpenGLSL?

See specification of GLSL extensions:

There the functions and the definitions you will need are specified.

Do i realy need all functions? And are the tokens automaticly linked to my program or do i have to rewrite a file including all the tokens???

You can use a tool to open all function pointers and check all extensions supported by your card. Try

Thanks but i think i will write my own classes to get the stuff work. Thanks for all the help.

One question left:
I check for extensions, have functionpointer to all the functions and wrote my shaders.
Do i need a compiler for the shader programs or can i compile my code with the compiler i use for my c++ apps?

If you want develop glsls shaders, try this:, it’s my free glslang Shader Designer, If you want to use shaders into your programs, you only need pass the string with the source code to opengl, and opengl will compile the shader for you.
To learn how opengl handle the shaders, download the ogl2sdk form, there are sample source code.

Do i need any header file to include? Or can i do it without any header files?

Only need get the function pointers and the new tokens. This new tokens and pointers typedefs are into glext.h in SGI site.

But i thougth that i do not need any header files. When i want to use the Multitex-extension i do not need any header files to. I check for the extension and set the functionpointers. Then i use them. Why do i need a header file for the use of these functionpointers? I want to understand the system so that i can do my stuff working realy good.

This header file has all tokens and all function pointers definitions of all extension until last opengl version supported by this header. If you have a glext.h for opengl 1.4, you will have a lot of stuff into that file. If you dont use this header file, you must search into all extension specification for all tokens and functions needed, and then you must type them into your program. This is a very repetitive task. Maybe you dont want to reinvent the wheel, but use glew, glee or something like this (with only call glewInit(); for have all extensions ready to use).

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If you can speak german we can speak this language, if not in english.

i do not understand the system. If i want to have a extension function i have to have a functionpointer. So how can glew know how many functionpointer glew needs and how can glew name this pointers at the same time?

You ask too many questions. Just add this file.

I’m Spanish, so I don’t speak german . Glew has all function pointers and #defines stuff hand coded. If you want more explains I can tell you by private email, to dont continue with this thread, because this is a beginer question

Thanks but i do not need more explanations.
It would be helpful if you could give me an adress of a page with a tutorial on how to use glew(or are there better extension loader?)

And yur Shader Designer do not work on my Radeon9800xt, initialization failed(only wanted to inform you). But it is a nice idea and i think it is realy cool.

And yur Shader Designer do not work on my Radeon9800xt, initialization failed(only wanted to inform you). But it is a nice idea and i think it is realy cool.

Which driver do you use? Try to update to Catalyst 4.3!