Beginning OpenGL with Win32API - doublebuffering

 I am new to OpenGL.  I have successfully built and run a minimal tutorial using OpenGL and the Win32API.  I am attempting to implement double buffering.  I have a timer that fires ticks to observers, as in the observer pattern.  Currently and undesireably the application redraws the scene and calls the Windows command SwapBuffers(hdc) on every WM_PAINT.  The application should redraw the scene and swap the buffers in response to a timer tick.  A window should repaint itself with its front buffer on a WM_PAINT.  How do I instruct a window to paint itself using its front buffer?

 My application is set to double buffer by specifying PFD_DOUBLEBUFFER in the PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR.  Should I look at implementing double buffering a different, more flexible way? One that doesn't rely on the Windows command SwapBuffers?  Handle my own buffers? Does this functionality lie in pbuffers?

 I research this as I go.  I google search, I look at the OpenGL SDK, forums, and a couple text books.  What are some other good online references?

Read this thread :

Hi, can you tell me; what program do you using with opengl ?

I am using Visual Studio 2003 to develop C++ code.

Someday I will render my creations from Autodesk Maya and Pixologic ZBrush with OpenGL.

I say you; so in the internet have more example code in visual c++ that others language. I recommend to you search in google ; there to have many examples and guide to programming in visual c++ and opengl.

I doing that; because, others language are not so complet like visual c++.

good luck.