Beginning opengl under linux


I’ve started with OpenGL last week, when I got a book “OpenGL game developing for beginners”. All codes are based on WinAPI. So,I cannot compile that under Linux.

Can Anybody recommend me a god C/C++ API whcih supports OpenGL? (I hope OpenGL code isnt different depending on that OpenGL is cross-platform)

And also, can I get any newbies tutorial and a IDE.

Thanks in advace

For IDE try K-Developer.If you use Suse linux it is an optional install.

And yes,OpenGL code is cross platform.

Instead of using OS native API for something like Context Initialize or keyboard/joystick Input,try using cross platform framework like GLFW (GLFW is very easy to use even easier than GLUT).

Comprehensive (but a bit dated) tutorials :
Beware, each tutorial itself mentions win32 specific code, look at the bottom for linux versions to download.

More modern (opengl 2.0) tutorials :

I recommend GLFW too. Easy to use, with samples.

The platform-depend code needed for GL dev is only related to window creation and input events handling (use GLFW or GLUT for this). To use GL extensions, specialized libs are very useful (GLee, GLEW).

GLUT GLUT GLUT!!! Egad, is there a tutorial around that teaches how to use glX… like the real glX, and not a throwback to GLUT? I would really like to know, if not for any other reason, to know that there is a Linux OpenGL tutorial that doesn’t use GLUT.

I am the kind of person that likes to work with the fewest abstractions possible considering a target. I would like to work with glX because I don’t need any cross compatibility, especially not GLUT’s cross-compatible license.

For some reason there’s no sticky wiki link in here…

You gotta admit, though, nothing beats GLUT when you’re starting out, or you’re interested in sharing ideas unencumbered by lots of boilerplate code.

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