Beginning OpenGL programming in Windows

Hello all.

I am trying to get my development environment (VC++ 2008 express edition) set up to begin programming in OpenGL.

I am running Vista on a brand new laptop and have the environment installed fine.

I however, cannot find the Opengl32.lib or the Glu32.lib files anywhere on the system. I find the DLLs fine but it is my understanding I need to be able to link the libraries to my project.

I have searched everywhere on this site and others to try and find a simple download of the libraries and header files and it blows my mind how unaccessible it is.

I found an OpenGL95.exe on MSDN but it says if youre using a windows system beyond 95 that it comes with the libraries and you dont need it.

Are the header and library files on my machine? A search comes up empty and all i find are the dlls.

It is extremely frustrating how little information there is on how to set up OpenGL and begin using it. And yes I have read the getting started Wiki on this page. It pretty much says ‘figure it out’

Help? :slight_smile:

they say here that opengl development files should come with VC++. Are you sure they are not in your intallation directory?

On my VS2k5, they’re in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\PlatformSDK\Lib

Maybe you don’t have installed PlatformSDK ?
As a temporary quick solution, I’ve uploaded them to

Yeah I did indeed read that. I searched every folder inside the installation and windows system directories manually and only found the dlls. 3 or 4 sweeps!

Im using VS2k8 Express Edition, so this may be the reason? Yeah i looked in every directory multiple times and no go.

Thank you for uploading that!

I was told by a friend that installing the windows developer SDK package(is that the Platform SDK you reference?) should provide these files so I may try that. Otherwise I will download that file when i get home tonight.

Thanks again for the replies!

The PlatformSDK is a-must for windows development. Now I remember someone saying long ago that it isn’t included in VS express versions. You’ll need to set the IDE “directories” paths.

Well at the following link

Question 30 says that the SDK IS included with the 2008 Express Installation.

I am going to run the install again and see if I missed a component.

I’ll feel pretty stupid but ill post back if I did or didnt to hopefully save someone else the hassel.

It is included with these new 2008 versions.

Thats so strange. I went back and re-ran the installation. NONE of the optional components were the SDK and there was not an SDK installed when i originally put it on.

I downloaded the windows development SDK and installed it, so i have the library now.

Can you tell me where in your directory this was put?

You may also want to download glext.h & wglext.h

as to the location of gl.h etc, look in the SDK folder under Include/gl/

just for information, looking for “integrate glut in Borland C++ builder”, I have found all files you needed to programming with opengl and glut here :slight_smile:

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