Beginning OpenGL Game programming Second Edition- Luke Benstead

Hi there,

I do apologise if there is already a thread on this.
I’m having to start of OpenGL Programming, and I understand there are many here who also use this book.

The tutorial prompts me to open up a file called simple.cpg.

I however cannot open up the file in Microsoft Visual C programme.

I’m not really sure how I get it up to load,.

If anyone else is using this book and knows here to and how to start of I would really appreciate it.

Sorry again for having to create a separate thread for this, I hope the moderators could excuse me, it’s just I want to get started on OpenGl, and I appreciate this website that provide support for those who want to to crack on with programming.


I assume the " Microsoft Visual C programme" is visual studio. Just drag and drop the source file to the open application. Is simple.cpg a c/c++ source file? If it is, it can be renamed to simple.cpp.

This only allows you to edit the program, not compile it. You will need to create a project to do that. Creating projects is out of the scope of this forum