Beginner wants to start coding with openGL


I’m a seasoned C programmer and i want to know
what should i download to start programming with OpenGL, and some good tutorials, and anything that
would help a newbie.

my platform is linux, using the C language, thanks.

Here is a OpenGL “getting started” page. If you look in the top frame of the page, you will also find some basic tutorials.

Good luck!

PS. All in C, of course, no C++.

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Anyway, is great for learning OGL, but since you’re on Linux this might be a bit of a problem. He DOES cover a lot of OpenGL techniques though and doesn’t come back on the Windows OS in most of his tutorials.

You also might want to do a search for SDL, which is a cross-platform solution for OpenGL.

also thing about using glut for your windowing

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