beginner to open gl

i am absolutly new to the open gl.can i know the folowing:
(a) where to begin from?
(b) to check my hardware is supporting the requirement for opengl?
© i have to use c++,qt and open gl both for windows and unix to develop my 3d application?
(d) is the same code applicable for both?
(e) if not then what changes to be done ?

(b) const GLubyte * glGetString(GLenum name);
Name specifies a symbolic constant, one of GL_VENDOR, GL_RENDERER, GL_VERSION, or GL_EXTENSIONS.

© gl code itself is same but you have to use different code for screen mode initialization, message loop or such support stuff

(d,e) don’t know, i’m newbie too…

good luck;-)

a) There are many tutorials on the web. For example, . You’ll certainly find many others by searching google.
b) There are no ‘requirements’ on the hardware. Even a Pentium 75 with 16 MB of memory and no graphics accelerator would do. You have just to check that your operating system is compatible. For windows : you need windows 95 or later. For unix : I don’t know precisely.
c) and d) Yes it’s c++ and opengl for both.
If you’re targetting both windows and unix , then it 's also a good idea to use a portable library like Qt. For opengl initialization, many opengl programmers use GLUT. But I don’t know whether GLUT is compatible with Qt or not.
e) if you’re using GLUT, there are no changes to be done ! If you’re not, then the opengl initialization code will be different. Under windows, you use WGL. Under unix, you use GLX.