Beginner setup for just algo programming no GUI

Not programming since a long long time, my last program was a scientific simulation in C using just Text and gcc compiler. My past level was no OO development, just some pointers I did barely grasp. Using the Numerical Recipes in C as algo library source.

Interested to develop/test some image processing algo on mine HD7950Boost OCL 1.2 capable GPU, not interested at all to develop a GUI did want just to be able to import and export data and images as result.

What can be the easier setup in term of IDE, useful libraries and plugins and a basic manual (I did still own the Indispensable Guide to C, something similar will be nice). Or this is not a task for beginners?

The easiest way for you to get started is to install Visual Studio for Windows, AMD SDK and modify one of image processing samples. In the worst case, you’ll need to PrintScreen the resulting image. :smiley:

Thanks for the answer.
Do you think something such as OpenCL Studio does easy the process?
I did want to focus only on the algo and have something that help me setting up the standard requested elements such as host, context, kernel etc
What about a good starting book?

I suppose some software designed specifically for some purpose does something sane to make things simplier, but I’ve never used it. I’m aware of one OpenCL book, “OpenCL Programming Guide”. It consists of two parts: basically OpenCL 1.2 specification and some real world algorithms implementations.

I was looking at Matt Scarpino OpenCL in Action Book, seems to be only one didactic enough for beginners.
Problems is it’s updated to OCL 1.1 release, I’ll wasting my time in learning on it since the 1.2 version is so different?

No you won’t, especially given your general programming skills you described. It has a a couple of neat features, but things are essentially the same.