beginner need help

i am a beginner. i want to know what software i need to build webgl on .NET
(my system is windows xp) ,and my browsers are Minefield and chrome(both download from ). i don’t know if the browsers need config , if need ,how to config.
thank you !

You should try to write some basic javascript programs first before you attempt to work with webgl. You don’t “build webgl on .NET” – that doesn’t make any sense.

WebGL is a technology that allows you to create 3D graphics in any web browser (that supports WebGL). As such it is a OS independent technology which works (theoretically) equally on Windows technology as on other technology.

In order to program WebGL you use Javascript and a bit of graphics card language (the shader components).

Once you know some Javascript basics, I suggest taking a look at:

These lessons build the basic files that you need to do WebGL programs. At first they may seem very confusing but you soon realize that to do some basic WebGL stuff you don’t really need to understand the shaders and all that stuff. Just copy the tutorial and then replace the data portion with your own data. Obviously if you want to do more complex WebGL stuff then you will eventually need to understand the details but as a start don’t worry too much about it.

If you just want to display 3D stuff without learning WebGL (not a good long term solution but fun at first) you can check out my Joint And Object Framework. It allows you to easily load 3D objects (such as 3DS object from the web), display them and bend their parts with respect to each other. Its basically a wrapper for people who want to do some 3D work but don’t want to (at this stage) learn the WebGL details.

The framework is available at: