Beginner in 3D programming

I started to have an interest in 3D programming, and want to learn more about it.
Can anyone tell me what book to read and which programming tool I should use.
I have read about 3ds Max,but can’t afford to buy it. Is there a freeware out there which I can download.

thank you.
jl l

I am a little confused by your post. Do you want to learn OpenGL programming? Or do you want to learn how to make 3D models? Or both? What confused me was your comment about 3ds Max, which is used to make 3D models (and other stuff), but in itself is not used for 3D programming in general.

So at this point, I’m not certain which tools to suggest. If you want to program, what programming language do you want or need? If you want to model, there are not very many freeware 3D modelers. There are several trials of various modelers available, a search should easily bring them up, also if you want to get into modeling, I’d suggest you visit and get thier free CD tutorials. I’ve been using the 3DS Max tutorial to help me with gMax (which is a somewhat crippled free version of Max 4). There is also a free version of Maya, but it is very hard on the eyes with its dancing watermarks in the UI.
There is also another free tool called Blender. Personally, I could never get used to its UI. But it is a fairly well featured 3D modeling tool. Though the company behind it, NaN, just recently closed shop (or is about too) so don’t know if it is still available. Surely it is. I could go on and on, so I at this point I’ll just suggest using Google to find sites that interest you.

For a round up of many 3D tools have a look here:

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For modellers, texture generators, and paint programs, all freeware, go to Freezone Freeware at .