Begginer Link

For begginer like me who just as consumer, playing openGL game, it is problem, where i have to start creating open gl application, i have no book reference. There is no tutorial link in this opengl website. 3ds max is one of the opengl software?
fav game of me is Jedi Academy, cool, the game developer share me the source code for the game, so we can edit with visual c++.Net
Problem is my graphic card is 32 Mb and an onboard vga. if i select 1024768 res. to play. not so much… great landscape amazing my eyes.
But when i use cloaking device (so i can disapeared) the screen will glitch (down framerate/fps),but when i change to 640
480 resolution, it’s doing okay. well update driver is cannot help, when i update driver, open gl error.

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