Before I even start -- recommendations, please

I’ve puttered with OpenGL in the past, creating Windows Console Projects.
But now, a whole new project.

I want OpenGL graphics output in its own window (like before), but
I want to control the activity from regular windows forms.

I plan to use dual monitors, with OpenGL on one and Windows
forms on the other. I plan to record OpenGL output with something
such as Camtasia.

I plan to develop on a Windows 7 Pro system, with ATI FireGL V3600.
I probably will distribute the system eventually.

And I would like to use VC++ 2005.

From browsing various threads here, I see many participants with
seriously in depth knowledge.

I would appreciate your recommendations on what approach to take,
considering the constraints described.


I would recommend that you not use a compiler that is over a decade old. Even if C++ has not gone through three revisions since 2005 (which, btw, it has), a compiler that old is just not an effective tool. Too many unhandled bugs, library incompatibilities (how many libraries are meant to compile with a 13+ year old compiler? Not as many as you’d like), etc.

OK. Good points.

Say then, I use the newest version of Visual C++ , the newest libraries, the newest version of OpenGL,
then what is currently most productive way to use OpenGL from a Windows form project ?
And again, I don’t need for the graphics output to be directed to a Windows window or control.
Are there ActiveX controls or other techniques available now ?

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