BC++ vs MSVC++

Im in a dillema, which language to use… Borland c++ 5 or Visual C++6? Can you tell me your opinion? If to use vc++, what are the disadvantages of borland that visual has?

Both those programs are compilers, the language is the same either way, its C++. The Borland Command Line Compiler is free, but doesn’t have an IDE, VC++ is expensive but has an IDE.
The only real advantage of VC++ is that most examples are written for that particular program, but its no big deal to use VC++ source in Borland

IMO, I reckon Dev-C++ is better.

I already have borland c++. Ive used vc for a while, and I got used to its ide. borland c++ seems better though. I believe Ill go for borland 5. btw, does anyone know why when I try to make a dll in borland (no-vcl dll) and use it on a client app, I get the error “Needed new operator for vcl-style classes”? the dll is not vcl, but the client is.


I haven’t used either of them (not much, anyway). I tend to go for free stuff, and there are some good free compilers and IDEs out there. Check the ‘Introduction/compilers’ section on: http://hem.passagen.se/opengl/glfw/ There is a list of a few different compilers, IDEs and editors.

Personally I’m very fond of MinGW. It’s GCC, hence very standard - MSVC is very non-standard from what I’ve heard, not even ANSI. The LCC-Win32 compiler is a very nice compiler with an IDE, C-level support for MMX instructions and everything, but unfortunately it does not handle C++.

By the way, you need at least the Pro version of MSVC to produce better code than GCC (the standard version does not optimize well).

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