basic setup information

Hey…I took opengl many years ago in college. I need to set up everything so that I can program again. I need to find out what version of Microsoft Visual C++ that I should use if I am running Windows XP. I’ve seen more than one professional version. Also, I need to know how to set up everything for opengl up on my machine. For example, what files do I need to download and settings need to be made. Or if there is documentation on how to do this, could I be directed where to look? Thanks!


For Visual C++, you can always get the latest express edition which is free as far as I know. For OpenGL,you could always start with a glut example, you can find many on the internet. One helpful site to get you started is this :

(For the exit() redefinition problem in GLUT, you can add the preprocessor directive GLUT_BUILDING_LIB in your project properties)

You can also get GLee or GLEW as wrappers for the latest extensions, & of course the latest drivers for your video card


alternatively u can use sdl to set up the window

theres various basic demos there i think for a lot of OS’s/IDE’s

My personal favorite:

it has an openGL template to start with.

I second Dev-C++.
It is as simple as download, install, get community packages for freeglut, sdl, whatever, and run one of the program templates.

I found Visual studio is quite a pain to setup to be usable with OpenGL.

One more vote to Dev-C++ !
The project template feature in Dev-C++ is great!