Basic Question on OpenGL App Dev

Hi Guys,
I have just jumped into OpenGL programming with … also i am new to VC programming too but with Java and Visual Basic as well as other prog language experience, i think i can master avg VC & OpenGL programming skills over time.

My interest is in developing CAD type application with Windows types GUI. Basically a 3D cad system having rendering capabilities supported by window style menus, buttons, form controls etc etc.
(for eg 3D studio Max, Unigraphics etc software styles)

Is this possible using & OpenGL?
Can anyone explain how the overall approach should be?

I wish i could program GUI using visual and 3D graphic programming using OpenGL… (or other way to lay out GUI on OpenGL rendered window)

any guidance or direction will be highly appreciated…

thanks in advance

Hi !

There is no problem mixing different languages, if you want ot use VB.NET for the GUI then by all means go ahead and do that, you can put some parts in C/C++ code and put that in a dll and call it from the VB.NET code, just be aware that the call gate between .NET and C/C++ is pretty expensive.

C# makes it much easier to mix .NET(C# code) with C/C++ code.


There are lots of tutorials online on how to get something started with OpenGL in .NET.

On top of that there are lots of opensource libs that will give you the opportunity to make your code multiplatform. I find this a good thing, unless you have some special need to develop strictly under .NET.