Basic Drawing with Connectors

Aside from designing various graphical user interfaces I’ve never dabbled in proper graphics.

I’m trying to create an application at the minute which needs a very basic drawing element. I need the ability to draw various lines that connect to each other i.e. two lines making an ‘L’ shape or four lines making an ‘M’. It sounds like it should be easy to do but I’ve no idea where to start. Aside from that I need the ability to insert text over the top and of course export the image.

Can you offer any tutorials or APIs that I should look at?

My apologies for the rather vague question!

GUI toolkits usually have a canvas widget that allow drawing 2D shapes and text. Of course this can also be done with OpenGL, but you’d probably have to learn/do a lot more to get the same result.

If all you need in the end is an image, why not use something like Photoshop or Illustrator? OpenGL programming seems like a hard way to go?