Basic 3d models & texturing concepts plz!!

Hello, I am creating a 3d mmorpg using opengl.

I am trying to learn a good way to create a 3d model, create a texture for it, possibly animate it, and use it in my game

So far I have created a simple model in 3d studio, and using the .ase file format was able to use the model in opengl. But, I cant get texturing to work at all. Nor can I find a good way to create the texture for the model!

Does anyone have any experience making and texturing models? And / or using them in games?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Did you add texture coords to the model in 3D studio? (UVMap modifier). Also, when exporting from 3DS, did you check the box that says `Export Texture Coords’ (or something?’. Check your ASE file for the token MESH_TVERT or something - see if you actually have texture coords in there.

Thats just for starters, will need some code if these aren’t the solution

I do the same way, just i wrote a converter form ase to my own format because ase is extremely large, but it is the easyest way to get animated mesh info from max. So texturing: the easyest method is to draw the texture first, then add UVWmap and UVWunwarp to your model. Go and find some tutors about uvwunwarp on the net, there are a few pretty good. So load the drawn texture to your model and align it for every face with uvwunwarp. If you get a little experienced it will go really fast for high poly count mdels too. And when exporting ase check texture coordinates, then you just simply use them with glTexCoords. Easy )

Originally posted by Bagoj:
Go and find some tutors about uvwunwarp on the net, there are a few pretty good.

Would u mind to tell us that where can find the texture tutorial for 3DS Max?
Thanks you very much.

Well, goto and search keywords “uvw map”, “3dsmax” and “tutorial” i found all sites here or you can read mine (translated english just for you ) at
I hope that will be useful