Ball physics

I know this is a bit off topic of OpenGL, but the gamedev forums are down… but anyways…

I’m making a sort of 2d breakout game, but i want to have some really nice ball physics… i know how to do the basic stuff, but how would i do spin and stiff like that?

can someone please explain or point me to some websites with good examples?


Physics is a funny thing in games. For different types of games different physic models are used.
For example 2D games have it only in a very simple level (generally) so it’s often work of a programmer who figures out how to achieve interesting behaviour of objects - of course simplicity makes this physic faster to calculate.
On the other hand, 3D games are heading for very realistic physics and there usually we can expect separate “physics engine” which copes with all the knowledge of Izaac Newton and other guys.
If you want to achieve some dose of realism in your game, I suggest starting with coding a vector mathematics so then you can use physic equations very simply.
I don’t know many websites about game physics. You can check out NeHe Tutorials.
Some physics engine can be found at
Mostly I recommend buying yourself a book.