baked animation(s) with Maya and Max

Hello everyone;

I’m trying to import simple animations (with baked transforms and by sampling all key-frames).
Sampling is available on both the Maya exporter and the Max one: my trouble is Maya exports as many <animation> as there are bones whereas Max just exports one <animation>.

Which would be the standard way of exporting sampled baked animations?
My guess would be that the Max way is the right one (even-though nothing in the specs seems to specify how it should be done) : indeed, the Maya way wouldn’t allow to have different animations for a given hierarchy.

What do you think?

edit: I’m now using the 0.74 version of the Maya exporter

If I understand your request correctly: you’re interested in the grouping of the animation channels inside the <animation> elements. COLLADA 1.4 takes a small step forward in adding structure to the animations. It should meet your expressed need.

Please bear with us as we are making the transition to COLLADA 1.4 :slight_smile:

If you are interested in the progress of the Maya plug-in and its transition to COLLADA 1.4, please subscribe to the colladamaya-updates mailing list of SourceForge: … ya-updates. We use it, about once a week, to describe the work being done on the ColladaMaya translator.