Bake video or gif inside GLTF?

Hi there
Is it possible to bake video file or .gif or somekind of animated texture inside GLTF file format?
Any info would be much appreciated!

As far as I know glTF 2 is a JSON based container format which allows for all sort of metadata. You can put anything in there you want.

Correct me if I’m wrong pls.

While glTF has methods of storing custom metadata specific to your application (see: Extras and Extensions), there is an official set of features defined by the spec, and those are what off-the-shelf glTF tools will support. That support includes PNG and JPEG textures, with upcoming work on GPU compressed textures. Video and GIF files are not supported as textures, and using them in a glTF container would require customizing both your authoring tool and the client loading the model.