Bake matrices option in ColladaMAX

I’m experiencing problems with that option, until then I’ve uncheckedit and everything was cool but ColladaMax doesn’t seem to export as TRS the animation of a biped. So i tried to import simle file with that option but it’s not working.
My tool imports badly files exported with that option, and ColladaMax imports badly files exported by my tool with <Matrix> element. If I import and directly export the file with 3DS, the import in my tool is OK.

I think that maybe it’s a problem of order of transformations, in my tool I’m really confindent that it’s well implemented as I use transofrmation matrix natively. When exporting, I just have to copy the content of the local matrices in the <matrix> elements.

Any ideas ? Are you experiencing the same problems ?

Please ! I really need help !

Could it be due to matrix ordering (row-major/column-major stuff)? Just guessing.



I’m soooooooooooo stupid !