Bad scope in ConvertLocalReferences()

i encounter this error:fatal error C9999: Bad scope in ConvertLocalReferences()

i have updated video card driver using 267.24 which is the lastest driver, but i still get that error.Do someone know how to solve that problem?
ps:i use cg.

Last time I saw that was with a driver bug (around 2008):

ref: google this “C9999: Bad scope in ConvertLocalReferences()”.

It sounds it’s back. Maybe some other developers reported the same issue on . Give it a try.

To be of any help, we need some more information. Which shader produces this? What are you trying to do? Simply telling us

ps:i use cg
is not helping us.

I also saw this as a driver bug in 2007/2008, at that time, a workaround was possible :

Don’t know if the problem is now the same though.

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