BackBuffer creation fails.

Hello all,
I have an ATI video card and using Microsoft generic driver, the problem is that as I open more windows in my MDI app, a black strip appears (bottom and right) and nothing gets drawn in those strips. I switch my app to use only one buffer, and it does not happen, So I guess it is a problem with the buffer size…is there a way of checking/handling the backbuffer creation/size?..would it be posible to force it to be in the Pc’s ram rather than in the onboard ram?..Please any comments/hints will be really apreciated.

If an OpenGL driver runs out of video memory, it is required to fall back to system memory and software rendering. So this would be a driver issue, though I’m surprised that you’ve seen it with the MS OpenGL driver, because I would doubt that they would handle this wrong (MS OpenGL always uses SW rendering).

  • Matt