j3d.org would like to announce the availablity of Aviatrix3D. It is a pure retained-mode Java scene graph API over the top of Java OpenGL bindings(JOGL). This toolkit is specifically focused on the needs of the data visualisation market - starting from a PC and working upwards to rendering clusters, CAVEs, Domes, HMDs etc.

This project is distributed under an LGPL license and we welcome all interested parties to contribute.

With this release j3d.org is has transform from a Java3D only site to becoming a general Java 3D library which works across multiple rendering technologies. We hope in the future you look towards j3d.org to help you develop 3D applications, regardless of which API you are using.

One application is already utilizing Avaitrix3D. The Xj3D project will be releasing a new renderer utilizing this toolkit next week. Right now it implements about 75% of the Java3D renderer version. We expect this number to reach parity quickly.

This is a Beta 1 release. We consider it stable, but not complete. Development timelines and plans are available on the project website.

Please check out Aviatrix3D here:


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