augmented reality

my name is kirit patel. I am currently an undergraduate student at Michigan State University. I am working with a couple of other students on an augmented reality project.

We are basically mapping a computer generated environment and mapping it to the real world using special AR glasses. My question to this forum is this:

We are currently running a multi document program where in it we create an IE like browser thanks to CHTML (I believe). Everything looks great. We now want to give it a 3D’ish look by moving some of the browsers in the program further back in the environment, or have the browsers tilt, if the user tilted his/her head, and other graphics related procedures. Is it possible to do this with opengl, by mapping what the browser as an object in opengl so that it could be manipulated. We are also currently trying to find out if this is possible under directX . We would ideally like to run this in Windows 2000, or Windows NT.

Any help, advice, and/or help locating resources that would help us along would be greatly appreciated.

Kirit Patel

if I would to do that,

I would first experiment by creating a “3d window”:

you just make an object that act exactly like a 2d window, but is actually a polygon, so it can be treated like any other 3d object and can be tilted, moved in Z, etc.

So you just interpret the data from you *ml file and render it over the desired polygon.