Augment view from external app?

I need to create prototype user interfaces for a large/old OpenGL app. I could naturally touch the main code, but is it possible to access the 3D views from outside (c/c# app most likely)?

I am looking for a way to augment the current views with new OpenGL stuff with easy/simple changes to current code. How about sending a RC handle (wglGetCurrentContext) from main renderer to external app whenever the main renderer has done it’s business (wglMakeCurrent(0,0);), then initializing rendering in external app using that and a DC (I should get a working DC by finding the right child window of the main app?)? Any ideas?

Could this be done without changing the original app?


(There are couple of old timers sitting on top of the original code, so getting permission for any changes may take time. That’s why I am looking for a shortcut… :wink: )

A slightly different approach would be to capture the full OpenGL stream of the large app, in compilable code, with BuGLe:
Then you compile this along with your prototype, so you can also make changes to the 3d view, objects, etc.
When it works you will surely be able to convince other people to integrate the changes :slight_smile:

For some tasks (like added dimension lines) that would be perfect: no need to load the main code & model + 100% freedom :-). On the negative side I might need to manually find out OpenGL polygon to app object mappings when some object can’t be modified like a mesh. Thanks, I’ll check it out!

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