So, I’ve got mac os 10.5.6 installed. The update program tells me there is nothing more to update on my intel mac.

I’ve got three cards installed on the mac. ATI Radeon HD 2600XT in slot 2, NVidia GeForce 7300 GT in slot 4 and a GeForce 8800 GT in slot 1.

Yet, when I run the Expansion Slot Utility application in /System/Library/CoreServices the program will not show the ati card in the list. I plug in the monitor to the ati card and the display appears to work. Yet, how am I to adjust the bandwidth on the slots? It also seems to have set both nvidia cards as high as possible. Slot 4 is x8x16 and slot 1 is x16. Looks like the Expansion Slot Utility is broken. I like to know the bandwidth so I can test programs. If the bandwidth is low then things tend to freak out … finder will freak out too. There was a nvidia 2009 update. Before, in 10.5.5 if I ran at a slower bandwidth the finder would crash. No crashes yet on 10.5.6, though.

Huff, more ati/amd issues.

So, I have not run my dual g5 for about a month. Its got an ati 9800 xt in a pci slot. The expansion slot utility is not supported on the ppc architecture.

The card appears to work fine. Yet, if I goto About This Mac ->More Info, then under Graphics/Displays is shows No display connected and under pci cards it thinks there is no card installed. Yet, the cinema display works fine.

This use to work perfect.