ATI, XP, PheonixBIOS, What else could go wrong? PLZ HELP ME!!!

First off I have a 32 Mb Radeon SDR AGP, Running a pentium 3 processor and windows xp home edition. I have many games that require OpenGL. I have found that the drivers for my Radeon card, manufactured by ATI do not support OpenGL. I went to the ATI site and downloaded the new drivers. Every time I try to install the drivers I get the error “These Drivers are not compatible with your display adaptor.” I am sure I downloaded the right drivers. Any one who replies thanks a ton!

omfg i have the same videocard and i d/l the new drivers and it is not compatible.
YAH F******* right please help us

hey i am the sameperson as i nedd help with opengl i found the sluntion for u and me only for 32 mb ati do here and d/l patch it works i tryed it and i have the same videocard finnally i got it here if it works for u please reply…O&cmdNext=GO%21