ATI shader dev problems

i have a radeon 9600xt running 4.12 drivers (i think)

seems my pc keeps crashing while trying to develop shaders. i suspected it may just be my code but i downlaoded ‘Shader Designer’ and tried out thier shaders, and some of those shaders crashed my pc.

just wondering if any one else is having issues with ATI cards?

what shaders? what were they doing? what kinda crash?

an assortment of shaders, seems if i add to many instructions it just crashes (pc freezes).

generally i can tell its gonna crash as say 50% of the triangles are missing from the mesh.

I have experienced similar problems with ATI. Shaders that will work fine on nVidia will crash on ATI, locking up windows in the worst case. In most cases though it seems to just try and use some kind of software shading giving extremely poor results.

Do ATI cards support more than 128 uniforms? I am using 138 and it seems to cause crashes.

Or am I using to many instructions? My vertex shader implements a kind of 4d noise and has quite a few instructions… Does anyone know of any limits?

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