ATI rectangle bug in ARB_fragment_program

When packing 2D texture coordinates in the float4 Texcoords I noticed a driver bug in my ATI driver (8.2).

I calc the texcoords for filter kernel in vertexshader and pass pairs in xy and zw. The same code works for 2D texture fetches.

# this instruction doesnt work, only in 2D mode
TEX result.color, fragment.texcoord[0].zwzw, texture[0], RECT;

# the workaround is accepted, but not practical
MOV R0, fragment.texcoord[0].zwzw;
MUL, R0, 0;
TEX result.color, R0, texture[0], RECT;

another workaround would be passing each texcoord in dedicated interpolant, or do the offsets in the fragment shader also.

just wondering if anyone can confirm this.
And if there is some email address to best-send ogl related driver bugs to AMD?

Heh, don;t bother mate, read my post about a problem with depth test with texture rectangles, the same wierdo ATI drivers that do not seem to work well but with DirectX.