ATI rage fury maxx, XP and openGL

I have 64mb ATI RAGE FURY MAXX videocard, but I can’t play half-life (or any other) with openGL. I think it is the XP default driver that sucks, but I don’t know where to find a working openGL driver for my card (couln’t find it from :frowning: I thought glsetup, but it don’t work on winXP :stuck_out_tongue: I have no idea where the original driver disc could be, so I need the driver from the web.

Try using the search feature on ATI’s website…

solve your problems of open gl people using 3d games Scitech GLDirect and you can download a 21-day trial version of their website. if u only use the 21 day trial period with out the crack the game still works but is laggey and u cant renew 21 days. it is better to get the crack. you get crack and program separatly. i nver though this would work but it does…
this is the pages need to get ur games to work~~~~ finaly


look on page #2 for the crack

Cracks r illegal, use at own risk. I am not liable for anything. (lol they work great though)

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i have a rage furry pro/xpert 2000 i cant play anything right now either. i have a moblity radoen though that works great on my lap top…any one with a solution not posted ion theeses forums email me

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