ati Rage fury Maxx an Windows Xp

I have a Ati rage fury maxx card, it work very good in windows millenium, but when i installed windows Xp Professional, the video and the games are very very slow.
Please help me

Thank Mark

By visiting ATI’s website and actually reading a little bit about your video card, I was able to determine this:

“The RAGE FURY MAXX driver included with Windows XP does NOT support OpenGL or ATI Multimedia (DVD) Features.” – ATI driver page

Yes I read that too but it doesn’t help ATI RageFuryMaxx card owners much does it?

Is there an alternative driver available or are ATI likely to release one?

This is meant to be a Gaming card so it seems a little bizzare that it doesn’t support OpenGL.

??It may be related to the same reason that the card wasn’t supported at all in Win2K??

Anyone have any useful advice?


By reading some more on the ATI site, I discovered that the Rage Fury Maxx doesn’t support Win2k, because it was never designed to support WinNT.

ATI considers that board to be a “legacy” piece of hardware, and it is highly unlikely that they will be developing new drivers.

My suggestion would be to spend $50 and buy a Radeon LE or Geforce2MX card, that’s going to be the easiest solution for you, I’m afraid…

Hope that helps.