Ati Radeon VE + Opengl = Problem...

Ok, first of, here are my specs:

OS: Windows XP Professional
RAM: 512 Megs SDR
Graphics Card: Radeon VE DDE (Dual Display Edition)
Processor: Pentium III ~750mhz
Latest Graphics from ATI: Yes.
Latest OpenGL: Yes.
Computer n00b: NO.
Games/apps Having problems:

  • All Auto-Cad-like programs using OpenGL Lag like HELL.
  • All Games using OpenGL crash before it could be initialized.

So that’s my problem. OpenGL just doesn’t work and it really pisses me off. I’ve been removing and reinstalling hardware to see if there are any conflicts, no results.

I reinstalled my OS about 5 times. I reinstalled Windows 2000 2 Times, Windows XP 2 Times, Windows Me 3 times, Windows 98 1 time. I REALLY am totally fed up with all this OpenGL stuff. ATI says the drivers are compatible with OpenGL and Radeon VE, though they’re just lying.

So, please help. I’ve been searching for an answer for about 5 months now…

Yo dude… i’ve got a radeon 64 ddr which is pretty much the same card as u got… i’m runnin it on xp professional and i got the same problem… my opengl DOES NOT WORK… its givin me **** framerates… i think we need to download the new opengl 1.3 drivers but ati doesn’t give em out… i friggin called ati and they r total dum asses… this **** is really pissin me off… i’m neva gonna buy another ati product even tho i live where they are based in.

Yeah, I noticed that ATI’s openGL related problem began when they implented the Radeon Chipset. I’ll just wait until they create a new one.

All Radeon Cards actually use OpenGL 1.3 (Checked it out already)