ATI Radeon VE 32 SDR WIN2K

I am trying to run Unreal Tournament, when I run in OpenGL mode it will move slow and jumps, the mouse will only move when the screen jumps. I have tried updating my vid drivers, and GL drivers NOTHING works!!! I have 512 of system ram and a PIII 850. Please help!!!

You shouldn’t run UT in OpenGL mode… there is a reason that the game says: “OpenGL mode is experimental and is only included for somethin somethin… blah blah…”
DON’T RUN UT IN OPENGL mode, thats my advice. Stick to Direct3D, or Glide (but u can’t get that working, so stick to D3D)

Also… glide only works on 3dfx cards… u do know that right? so if u dont have a 3dfx card u can’t run glide.