ATI RADEON fragment shaders

Hi NG!

Has anybody of you ever writen an aaplication using the GL_ATI_fragment_shader extension?

I’m asking because I can not make my VC++ compiler compile the program. I always get a

[…] Error C2065: ‘glGenFragmentShadersATI’ : undeclared identifier […]

error. I am including the glATI.h and wglATI.h header Files. This inclusion seems to work since calls like "glGetIntegerv(GL_NUM_FRAGMENT_REGISTERS_ATI,&num_frag_reg); " work fine.

I am using a RADEON 8500 on windows XP and VC++ 6 SP5. Driver R200 Version =

Can anyone help me?

  • Jens

You have to use wglGetProcAddress for new functions. Take a look at this article:


Cool, that worked for me, thanks …