ATI Radeon DDR and Unreal, AGES, WIN2K

Running a Athlon 1.2ghz on Asus A7v133a, 256 mb ram. built system, installed dx8 and latest (not the beta) drivers for Radeon. Everything worked fine for about a month, then Unreal started bombing, and ages followed. Then the Memory dumps were right behind. ntkrnl.exe, atispxx.exe?? (spl??), ntkrnlos.exe. Tried changing to beta drivers, no help, now sonique won’t even run

Now when win2k starts it says windows couldn’t load. ntkrnlos.exe is missing or corrupt.

Anyone had similar problems wiht Radeon? this is the 4th time I’ve rebuilt sytem, everything always works fine for a month or so, then it just checks out…

I had the same problem and I found out I was having a partition issue with the hard drive. It wasn’t creating the correct MBR for the drive and the calculations for the drive size was incorrect. So what happens is the hard drive store’s the information on the incorrect tracks, sectors or clusters. You get a slow corruption of the O.S. Also check your memory. If you have two chips pull one and try the system, I have had memory cause the same problem. Just some idea’s to try.