ATI radeon crash on compressed textures


It seems I’ve run into a problem generating textures on the fly on ATI boards. Specific details are:

  1. ATI radeon 8500
  2. Using glCopyTexmage2D
  3. Use the GL_COMPRESSED_RGB texture format.
  4. Copying from a Pbuffer or back buffer.

Have anybody here successfully copied the framebuffer to a compressed texture? Or experienced a crash trying?

  • elias

I’ve had texture issues when loading mipmaps with the GL_SGIS_generate_mipmap extension : when the graphics card memory is overloaded, the mipmaps start to look weird (kind of screenshots of desktop to the textures, huh) and sometimes it crashes. When I try to debug with MSVC++, it says that it crashed in ATIOGLXX.dll

This appears on Radeon8500 and using glTexImage2D as well as glTexSubImage2D on the BASE mipmap level (actually 0 since I leave it by default).

It’s not on compressed textures, but I could test it even though actually it would make things worse I think (except the fact that I would need to upload more textures before overloading the graphics card memory)

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