ati radeon 4850 - mat4 array limitations

FireFox is available on all platforms. You can’t play .mov without installing quicktime (the horror) or qt-alternative. You can’t play wmv+asf on non-windows without special gray-zone software.

The difference is that I don’t have to actually use Quicktime to play it; not directly. I can use the player of my choice; I’m not forced to use Quicktime to actually play the movie.

Whereas with this site, I’d be forced to close IE, open Firefox, and go to the site with that.

He’s using an old version of a script, that is aimed to do public service by stopping IE6 (to let his JS code do the syntax-highlighting/etc with no frills) and allowing the only real alternative to it at that time.

So, his code would be 100% worthless without syntax highlighting? It’s not broken layout or whatever; it’s Javascript-based syntax highlighting that he’s breaking every Internet Explorer user for.

Knowing that only makes it even more rude.

That script’s newest version allows IE8, opera, chrome, etc

I take it you don’t see the irony. How he’s using an old version of the script and now it’s him that needs to keep up to date.

And the fact that there’s a “proper” version of the script only shows why this kind of thing is so wrong. Here we have a website using a piece of code that segregated its content based on browsers, and now that the browser in question is functional, it can’t access the site.

If the original script had just served up the content with a warning message saying that “content may not be rendered correctly in your browser; use this to see it better,” then this would never have happened. People using browsers that worked with the site would see the content normally, even though they get that message.

I waited for this semi-naive response :).
postscript and PDF. Especially PDFs, composed on a Mac (there be nasties if you use Adobe Acrobat to view these).

Interesting conversation :slight_smile:

Well i admit the absolute blocking might have been a rather drastic action. I changed the script so that everybody will be able to see the website.

Opera, Chrome etc. have not been blocked.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused.