ATI Problems

I installed a Radeon 9000 pro with 128mb of ram, it was working perfectly, and then my computer got fcked up so I had to start all the way over and all that great stuff, now I cant play games that use openGL(so i think) because evertime I run Quake III Arena it starts and everything, and then I get ready to get into a game and then about 2 seconds later it just freezes. And if I wait about 5 minutes a message will appear stating that Microsoft detect a failure in a device you must reboot. Can anyone help!?!?!

Windows Xp Pro sp1
AMD Duron 747 MHz
384mb of RAM
Radeon 9000 Pro w/128mb

What do you mean by your computer got screwed up?

It’s possible you have a motherboard or video card failure.

But first, did you install drivers from ?

Oh wait, I just thought of something. I wonder if your computer lacks the power to run the card.

No it was running before, it got some viruses, and there was alot of sh!t installed that shouldnt have been there

When I first installed it I let windows install the drivers, and this time I tried to use the ATI ones this time.

Hey helpers, save all the “just install latest ATI drivers” stuff cuz ATI’s Radeon drivers(esp. when using Xp) have definate opengl32 problems - for some they won’t let ya run games at all, others can run games fine (so they think) but still textures are reduced to 16 bit,(noticeable in sky textures) From what I’ve seen the Radeon opengl32.dll (for XP)driver is the the same as the stock XP opengl32.dll driver shipped w/windows and the real question is ,why doesn’t THIS driver work?! and what version do we replace it with so it will?
I have yet to see a valid answer (it’s not the opengl 1.1 driver from microsoft for sure,and I’ve tried like 10 other versions)I’m starting to believe it doesn’t exist.Anyone know?