ATI - PBO broken under xp32 ?

Hi all,

i am working on a video application.
To decode video and stream it into
a texture with the best performance,
i use pixel buffer objects.

Basically to code is:

Thread 1: ( main, has GL context )

  • have two pbos
  • use one for displaying texture
  • use other for mapping and passing pointer to second thread

Thread 2:

  • decode video, memcopy into mapped memory

This works under

Apple using NV
Apple using ATI
XP using NV
Vista using NV

All of the above have fences, and
i use them to check for a finished transfer.
It does not work under XP using ATI.

Symptoms are with Driver 8.9 and 9.4
flickering video, and video data
i spread among different videos. It
looks like the video is copied to
the wrong locations.

Is anyone out there successful using PBOs
under XP32/ATI?


I’m using Radeon HD 4670, Windows XP 32, and I do some PBO now.
At first its not working, I have some problem I dunno what (could be my own coding mistake), but then I do a lot of fix in my code, and also update to the latest ATI driver (before was 8.561), and finally works (again, could be because the driver, or because i fix my code mistake).

But anyway, now it works.

Not really related but might be handy info: after installing the latest ATI driver, the PATH in the environment variable was override by the ATI, and Visual Studio can’t spawn cmd.exe, so then after update ATI driver, I have to change the PATH in Windows environment variable.