ATI OpenGL 3.0 on Linux problems

Since the new Ati drivers claim to support OpenGL 3.0 and the extensions are in place, I thought lets give it a go and try to create a simple OpenGL 3.0 program.

I used the code I found in this topic:

Unfortunately when running the program I get a segfault when the glXCreateContextAttribsARB function is called if I request a context with version 3.0 (the pointer to the function is not zero). The example runs fine if I change it to 2.1.

Did anybody else succeed in creating an OpenGL 3.0 context on ATI hardware in Linux?

btw: glxinfo reports OpenGL version 2.1.8395, but it does report the new extensions.

glxinfo will report 2.1 because it hasn’t been updated to use the new 3.0 context creation interface.

I am having the exact same problem with catalyst 9.2 on linux (x86_64).

Has anyone managed to create a GL3 context on Ati/Linux?

Ok, I have found a solution: create an old-style context before querying the address of glXCreateContextAttribsARB. Without this, the code works on Nvidia cards but not on Ati.

Updated code here:

Creating an old-style context, bevor querying glXCreateContextAttribsARB, even if destroyed immediately, does the trick ! (no surprise, same config as yours: catalyst 9.2 x86_64)

Nothing I’ve tested so far worked. Now that I think of it I’ve been quite close: I’ve tested using a 2.1 context for the share_list (but still queried glXCreateContextAttribsARB beforehand).

Thank you so much !