ATI + Occlusion Queries on Linux

Has anyone ever successfully tried occlusion queries on ATI cards? I´m only getting GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY whenever I call glBeginQueryARB() :frowning: Even the most simplistic test program failed to work.

I´m using ATI´s 8.10.19 drivers with Suse9.2.
I tried the same code on different machines with different chipsets, always getting back the same error.

Are they supposed to be implemented ? Which version of gl do you have ? Anyway, this surely comes from the drivers.

Hope that could help.

This is known a driver bug. The memory leak was fixed just days ago though, but the actual query is still broken.


I somaehow have a related post “ATI hates Linux/GL,” which is I beleive absolutely true.
ATI cannot compete with NVIDIA drivers and software tools, especially the OpenGL on Linux.

Why? The reson is that some bgi companies pay alot to foucs on their properiatery API on their platform, I think it’s called DirectZ Y, or Z i don’t remeber, though it’s infact Indirect.

Hope this help.

Humus, I wonder why I have to post here in order to get the information you gave. Before I wrote two mails to - to no avail…
I sent a comprehensive error description along with compilable sample code(!). Two weeks(!!) later I got a mail back with nothing more than “Please send a testcase.” (wtf??)

Something happened to ATI in mid 2004… Developer Relations used to be quick, kind and eager to work closely with us developers to find a bug.
Today they are slow and react like “don´t disturb!”. The drivers didn´t evolve very much, documentation of (new) ATI specific extensions is lacking. New features take ages to get into the drivers. I wonder how long it will take for FBO to find its way into Catalyst and how long it will take until its bug free. And don´t get me started on the Linux drivers…

ok, enough rant for today :slight_smile:

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