What is the best graphic card in the market for OpenGL-enabled games?

  1. ATI RADEON 9800
  2. GEFORCE FX 5900
  3. Other

Right now the 5900 is, according to multible specs from toms hard ware and such.

From what I’ve read, the 5900 has a SLIGHT speed advantage but the 9800 has noticably better quality images.

If I had the money right now, I’d be buying a 9800. When you can get 100+ fps, I’d trade a few frames for better quality.

What about for workstations:

ATI FireGL X1-256p
Quadro FX1000

Where can I find a recent benchmark test on the net?

For workstations, you’re probably more interested in the SPEC Viewperf scores:

Nvidia provides some better Anistropic effects, but that only depends on the card that you get though, you should probably surf they net and find the tech specs that best suite your need