ATI Mobility 9000 on Dell D600 w/ Tribes!

I am trying to get the age old classic “tribes” up and going on my new dell laptop. but I am having problems in the video sections of the tribes game.

there is a section that has you choose from “software” or “OpenGL” (which is only there if you have it.

when I choose openGL, I choose a resolution, and then a driver. the driver chose are Generic, i740, and TNT/TnT2.

Regardless of what combination i use, if I have OpenGL selected and NOT software then my screen opens and is black and then flickers and then minimizes the tribes app and if I try to open it it does the same thing.

so my only choice is to pay tribes in software mode right now

Hi, your old game doesnt detect new graphic cards, if you dont have an Intel 740 or Nvidia TNT class, you should be use “generic driver” for your ATI 9000 to hope it runs in right mode…