Ati Mobility 128

Hiya all,

I have a p3-800 laptop with an Ati Mobility 128 and every time i start Tribes 2 i get Unhandled Exception error in opengl2d3d.dll. anyone know how to solve this? or does anyone have a good driver?

Thanks, Jonathan Vardy, Netherlands

sorry to say this but rage 128 mobility does not support opengl so tribes2 cant run i use my new GeForce2 Go DDR 32mb so… it works try using a d3d wrapper so you can play it in d-x8.0a at least it will work that way but errrr bad graphics

I have new news now, when i moved the opengl2d3d.dll out of the game data dir is carries on in to the game. so no unhandled exception error anymore. next problem is in starting a training level it will show a couple of frames and then crash to windows. i’ve looked at the setting but i can only select OpenGl and no D3D. so i’ll have to try the wrapper. anyone got any views on this problem?

People seem to be playing the game using a Rage 128 without problem (except performance), so I’d suggest that you try getting new drivers, the newest game patch, and if this doesn’t help, ask your question at, where you’re more likely to get an answer.

hey, for some reason it’s started to work!!! don’t know what i changed but the graphics loof pretty good. just need to get it woking through my proxyserver now, any ideas what ip the masterlist server is???