ATI issues confirmation

I encountered several issues with GL-3 functionality on Radeon 2400 HD with Catalyst 9.10 driver.
Can you confirm (especially, if you are somehow connected with ATI) some of them?

  1. Instancing (GL-3.1) is not supported as there are no functions in opengl32.dll (while the extension is supported)

  2. RASTERIZER_DISCARD is not working (does nothing)

  3. Transform feedback (core) doesn’t work with Geometry Shaders (ext): the shader linking crashes in memory access violation

  4. gL_VertexID returns garbage (!)

P.S. I’m trying to implement particle systems on GPU, but it looks like there is no way to set the difference between particles without CPU interation (gl_VertexID doesn’t work, gl_InstanceID neither, GS don’t like TF)…

Update - Catalyst 9.11:

  1. Functions are in place now. Haven’t tested yet (see below).

  2. Can’t test (see below)

  3. -//-

  4. Works correctly!

5(*). I’m not able to run the engine any more…
The glLinkProgram crashes with an access violation error whenever I have attached shader object that is not used (just guessing).

Hi Dmitry,

If you can supply a test case, we will investigate.

I have a thread in beginners OpenGL that describes the problem and also the solution :slight_smile: