ATI HD4650 not OpenGL 2.0?

Hello people,

I have a slight issue with my laptop. Its a i3 M330 on windows 8.1 with this ATI HD4650.
Now it says on the games that i want to play (Homeworld 2) that my system does not have OpenGL 1.3 or better. My laptop has the latest ati drivers availible.
This got me thinking. My gfx card supports 2.0 and iv lookt it up.
Now i also downloaded a tool that tests what i actually have installed
This says OpenGL 1.1. I have look all over the net but cant find a solution to update this to the maximum of my gfx card supports, 2.0. So that i can play the games that need that.

Please help.



You need to install the drivers for your graphics card.

In your screenshot, it says “OpenGL 1.1 (GDI Generic with 2 ext.)”. This is the default, built in, fallback software driver
that Windows® uses if there is no propper OpenGL® driver available.

Have you downloaded drivers for your graphics card? Bear in mind that the HD4xxx line is no longer supported, though the most recent drivers (from years ago) should still be available.

Whether they support Windows 8.1 (which did not exist back when those drivers were last updated) is an open question.